Toraja| Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 By Anjas Agustinus

The performance of indigenous weaver artisans “Sa’dan Woven Fabric Festival” from various areas in North Toraja amazed thousands of spectators who packed along Sa’dan Subdistrict Office Field in North Toraja, Friday, September 15th, 2017 morning.

This event was recently conducted by the satisfactory cooperation of Family Welfare Movement of Toraja Utara (PKK) collaborated with North Toraja Local Government, National Bank of Indonesia (BNI), and People’s Bank of Indonesia (BRI).

Sa’dan Woven Festival was the first time that initiated in North Toraja this year, by parading around 400 master weavers showing weaving process and various traditional woven fabrics being showcase that are rooted in the multiple cultures, value, and tradition of Torajan.

The participants (weavers) came from different villages and subdistricts in North Toraja, such as Sa’dan Tiroallo, Sa’dan Sangkaropi’, Sa’dan Pesondongan, Sa’dan Ulusalu, Sa’dan Matallo, Sa’dan Andulan, Sa’dan Malimbong, Sa’dan Pebulian, and Sa’dan Liku Lambe’.

Because of the enthralling nature and enchanting cultures of Toraja have carried many people to visit Toraja, the festival was aimed at increasing local, national, and international interest for weaving and weaving products.

In her report speech, the committee of this event, Magdalena Layuk Allo said that Sa’dan Woven Festival is held to introduce Toraja cultural heritage that is Sa’dan traditional woven fabrics and to accompany the weavers to enter the global market, as we know Sa’dan woven fabrics is one of the featured products in North Toraja.

This festival also spoiled visitors eyes by showing various motifs of Sa’dan traditional woven fabrics, such as Pamiring motif, Paruki’ Pa’daro- daro, Passekong Kandaure, Pa’ Bare’ Allo, Passingk’ Bungkang, Pa’bunga’- bunga’, Pa’binti’- binti’, Pa’mani-mani, and Pa’boro’ motif. For the price, those are variegated. It is purchased starting from Rp. 350.000- Rp. 500.000 for Pamiring motif and Rp. 1.500.000- Rp. 3.000.000 for Paruki’ motif.

“There are so many motifs of Sa’dan woven fabric. It is because Toraja has so many high cultural values, especially in terms of symbolic and philosophical meaning. That is why it is priced highly,” Hanna Mangiri, a master weaver from Sa’dan Andulan said.

Regent of North Toraja, Kalatiku Paembonan and Vice Regent, Yosio Rinto Kadang also attended the festival. After officially opening the festival, Kalatiku Paembonan in his speech at the event really expressed gratefulness over the participants of all weavers and visitors.

“Toraja is already known by the world, I really expect the role and sincerity of society in developing and keeping Sa’dan traditional woven fabrics,” he said.

He added that the government was currently taking care of Sa’dan original weaving patent. This is done to avoid plagiarism from people who want to adopt the original of Toraja Herritage.

“I want, when we wear Sa’dan traditional woven fabric, we will remember, value, and treasure Toraja,” he said.

Packed in a complete package, Sa’dan Woven Festival also pampered the visitors with the performance of art, Tindoki Band, Ondo Samalele dance, Pompang (bamboo traditional music), and Sa’dan woven fabrics fashion show.